Need assistance with finding a rail-served site? OmniTRAX Real Estate, is prepared to assist you with your site-location needs and can provide up-to-date, accurate information on available land and buildings; existing rail-served facilities; and transload/team track facilities. OmniTRAX manages all railroad access issues including utility crossings, grade crossings, land leases, and track leases.

Right of Entry and Accessing Property
To access railroad property for digging, surveys, drilling, soil sampling and monitoring, etc. Permissions and right-of-entry permits are required before entering railroad property.
Right of Entry - Non-Environmental(PDF)

Right of Entry - Environmental(PDF)
Utility Crossings - Pipeline
Pipelines that go over, under and across railroad property may include natural gas, petroleum, refined products, water and sewer.
Pipe Line Crossing or Parallelism(PDF)
Utility Crossings - Wire Line
Wirelines and cable crossings that go over, under and across railroad property may include fiber optic cables, copper telephone wires, electrical distribution and transmission lines.
Wire Line Crossing or Parallelism(PDF)
Land Lease Application
Leases of railroad land for various purposes, whether for commercial, industrial sites, tracks, private use, agricultural purposes, cellular towers, billboards or parking lots.
Land Lease (PDF)
Grade Crossings Application
Public and private road crossings over railroad tracks.
Private Road Crossing(PDF)

Road Crossing (PDF)
Track Lease Application
Lease railroad or industry-owned track for railcar service and/or storage.
Track Lease(PDF)
Assignment of Documents
Transferring ownership of an asset that is related to a current contract.
Assignment of License (PDF)

Consent to Assignment (PDF)


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